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How making a DPDT of a cheap momentary switch.

For all is known that the dpdt used for effects are expensive and difficult to get.

well, time ago I knew that one could modify a momentary switch to a spdt

this already was an achievement because we could make a mxr distortion+ without problems since this only cut the
the out of the effect because the other half of the dpdt was used for the led (this is not so good).

abraxas69 in the forum of plexilandia post that was possible modify it even more in order to make a dpdt.

but for this it is necessary to buy two momentary switch in order to build only one dpdt.

A friend requested me that I manufacture a distortion+ I say him how much cost the dpdt and I say

that it could be possible to make it.

in this articule I show as I made it, it work well but each one could find other forms of make it.

This is the momentary switch in question. it cost like 2.5 dollars

I buy it on a music store.

The first that it is necessary to make is to open the switchs. I use for this some small screwdrivers for open the paws of the metallic part and separate the plastic part. A sharp knife could also work.

This is what you will find.

For transform the momentary switch in a spdt the metallic plate it is necessary to straighten it in order to obtain something like a boomerang.

In order to straighten it I use a cayman. It is possible make with a hammer also.

Here is a photo of before and later.

The reason becouse is necessary to destroy the other switch is in order to obtain the parts that lack for the dpdt.

These are the stick with spring the second plate and the other 3 conectors of the second spdt.

here is a to photo of what I will call the "actuador" the first it is the original, you could appreciate

that it has the hole for the second stick.

The second is the stick and the third is the "actuador" to which you adds the second stick.

here the plate of the second spdt .In order to take out them I had to cut the plastic part of the

switch with a saw.

the plates were subject for themselves with some small dents that you could see.

In order to could put them in the plastic part had to press the paws with the cayman and then file

a little the sides so that they enter well.

In order to maintain them in their place I hit the dents with a screwdriver and a hammer in order to obtain the same
result that of the fabric.

in order to have a plane base in order to hit the plates I had to file the drawing in form of H.

In total the transformation takes near 30 minutes. the total cost was from five dollars.

It is a good alternative although not yet how much time is going work .that the time will say.

This is the final result.

Any comment is welcome.

Rafael Castillo



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